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A Good Night's Sleep on Purpose

It is Day 4 of vacationing in Cabo San Lucas!

I have been enjoying my time at the resort. Getting my morning cardio and lots of extra steps. I am not a big swimmer, but I love to move around in the beautiful pool here.

I am diligent about staying hydrated.

But what about sleep? Yesterday after noon I went zip-lining. it was fun and it was a lot of exercise. We had to walk up to the tops of the courses in the hot afternoon sun. I realized last night; my body was tired. My head was wide awake. I assume it was from all the excitement; All that adrenaline rushing through my body each time I went soaring over the canyons.

About 9 or 9:30 last night I decided I'd better dim the lights and start relaxing.

I was still wide awake and not in my natural state of "ready for bed" by 8pm.

It dawned on me I hadn't closed my day the way I usually do. I hadn't set myself up for a good night's sleep. I decided, I better continue my nighttime routine because sleep is so important for our health and wellbeing.

Here are a few things to try...

I use a gratitude journal but just writing a few lines about your day works well. If you have a busy day tomorrow, or there is something important you have to do write that out. If it wakes you up at night you can remind yourself. "I've got that handled."

Dim the lights and relax intentionally. I used to run around and do my last-minute things right before I got in bed. Doesn’t work to well for relaxation.

A warm bath or shower, especially with lavender or some other relaxing aroma. Ahhh.

Try a few minutes of reading- something that isn't too exciting.

I put my phone on Do Not Disturb at 730. I love talking to friends and family but conversations can be stimulating and not conducive to sleep.

FYI - You can set it so some calls will come through. I want to get the calls from my kids. They will only call at night if it's important.

Find what works for you.

Be consistent. My body and mind don’t know I am on vacation. I think going off the evening routine failed to signal my head it was time for bed. Once I did these things, I am suggesting for you, I went right to sleep.

Live on Purpose,

Peggy Romero

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