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Connection - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Connection Purpose

Aim: To expand togetherness

Pendulum Swing: Aloofness (High Red Zone, 175-Pride)

Connection Purpose Characteristics:

In the hunter-gatherer tribe: Were important for communication of the tribe and getting proper tribe members together for mission/function of the tribe. Had an uncanny ability to connect the Growth Purpose to the whole of the tribe and were the reason that tribe leaders would act on the wisdom of the Growth Purpose, and their ideas, which were outside the beliefs chiefly held.

When connected to the heart- Motivated Behavior: To Create inter-relations

Have a sense of clarity of what will work for them as an individual and the tribe as a whole. Create connected relationships. True to themselves and their growth and all those they interact with daily. Distinguish truth while others are in a façade.

When disconnected: Tend to Become Aloof

Will go within and become defiant/build resentment that can explode as hatred in future. Will cut off all contact with individuals, either physically or mentally. Might not voice their opinion while in the red zone and simply tolerate the person/situation yet, make no mistake, they are disconnected!! Might also cease self-care.


All about connection to others, connecting others and connecting clarity of ideas & vision. Have solid qualities, and a lack of deception and acceptance of others is a natural virtue as they are trustworthy, friendly, understanding and inviting. Can become withdrawn if feel they are not valued and is essential, they value themselves. A daily self-care ritual is necessary (taking care of both body & mastering the mind) because must be connected to feel alive. An unbalanced body and the ego will disrupt the connection and their Purpose.

Biggest asset is ability to see what others do not comprehend including minor issues that have yet to become significant problems. Work very well with Growth & Vitality Purposes, as these are two of the weakest regarding relationships and connection.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help you understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.


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