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Dealing with Conflict

Where are you at mastering the tools of Stress Mastery and your super power of awareness?

What is the worst thing that happened to you and how did you deal with it?

What did you do right? What could you have done better? And most importantly, what did you learn?

I will share my story with you...

The last really bad thing was a “cancer scare” and the surgery that followed. I am surprised I had a third surgery, in as many years. I had never been sick a day in my life until September 2020. So yes, surprised. I am still wondering if I am holding something in my core. I really got thrown off my course again. I must have faith and assume God has His reasons.

Naturally, I could sit back and wonder why me? Poor, poor me; Why did this happen to me? That’s what many of us do in a time of fear and it is understandable.

But I refused. I know this all happened for my good. God knows who I am, so He had to set the stage for me. My role in it was listening to my heart and being there for Kimberly when she really needed me. The funny thing is, it was routine dental surgery, but she was scared. If she wasn’t so dramatic about me being in Canada, on vacation when she had her wisdom teeth pulled, I wouldn’t have ever gone to the surgeon in the first place.

Here’s what happened: I have a few bad scars from the two previous surgeries. I went to a plastic surgeon to get them cleaned up. He ordered a scan on my lower stomach. The funny thing is, they got the top part of my leg and found a very large tumor. Everything happens for a reason, right?

If Kimberly didn’t have her teethe out, if I didn’t go to that doctor, if the imaging wouldn’t have

happened to show my upper thigh, I would probably still have this mass growing and it would be so much worse than it was. It was already “taking up every nook and cranny in my pelvis” If not removed last summer, it surely would have been touching more organs and blood vessels and entwined in more nerves and muscles etc. Who knows???

Of course I was activated… Fear , fear and more fear. Many kinds of fear. Not sure why this had to happen right when it did. I was cruising through life, in process. I had my book launch and the Rise Up event right around the corner and then BOOM –

Instead of the elective surgery I hear” You need to go to an Oncologist” How do you know it’s cancer I asked. “This looks and behaves like cancer. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, It is a duck” Go to a specialist, there is no one who can handle this thing in Iowa. So, I went to Portland. I was sent to two different surgeons, each one before, stated our doctor doesn’t handle this type of tumor. Finally, I ended up with an amazing surgical oncologist who also told me it was going to be tricky to remove. “Let’s just say it is cancer” I want to get it out in one piece , but I am not sure that is possible.

Oh my gosh this isn’t good news at all.

Scary? Yes, but luckily, I have a few tools up my sleeve.

I know how to live in the present moment. Where right NOW, this second, everything is ok

I am well able to put the skill of Conflict-Resolution into effect.

I practiced meditation and the law of mind. *What you think you create – I created healing

I thanked God for healing constantly. I set my intention to heal.

I believed myself to be whole, perfect, powerful, and strong.

I trusted that I was being led to the right doctor and I was. I laid in bed at night and pictured the tumor shrinking. I watched these golden orbs and rods come down and surround my pelvic area shrinking the tumor. My prayer- God, I thank you for making sure this tumor is not ‘sticky’. Thank you for allowing it to come out in one piece. Thank you, God, for helping it slide right out.

OMG what I learned is that I do trust God! I learned that I put my money where my mouth is- so to speak. I walked the walked. Knowing that I trust God with my very life, my soul is very satisfying. – You never know how you will react until the rubber meets the road. It feels like I passed a test. Well done good and faithful servant.

There is an extra blessing too! Now I also know that since all that happened “by accident” that God isn’t done with me yet. I have a purpose and I am not done yet. He saved me for a reason. I am not sure what he has in store yet, so I will just keep working away and do my best to listen to His guidance. I think I may have healing powers too. I have been told twice that I am a faith healer. I also have my Reiki certification. Which is the energy of the Holy Spirit. God is so good to me! I have healed myself through my faith. Of course, I have no way to prove that but … 3 doctors did say I had cancer. And I don’t.

I AM whole perfect powerful and strong. I AM loving harmonious and happy.

I AM healthy and I live in peace. Blessings are chasing me down. Every single day!

When the doctor came in the day after surgery she said “It couldn’t have gone any better. I went in this way and that and it just slid right out” Hey! That was my prayer! Remember? Miracle

You guys I encourage you to practice these skills. They are so valuable. You’ll have them when

you need them, and it makes things feel a whole lot better. Who knows the outcome if I allowed myself to be trapped in fear and sorrow. I had such a positive state of mind, I don’t ever want to find out.

Stay connected to your purpose and to God. He is the source of all good things.

Have the best new year ever.

Live on purpose,

Peggy Romero


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