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Decide to Live on Purpose

Make yourself a priority by doing the things that you know you should do. I know that sounds oversimplified, but it really is easy you just have to set your mind on what you want.

It starts with believing in yourself. Knowing that you can do what you set your mind to. Accepting the fact that you do deserve to live the life of your dreams. It doesn't matter where you start- just get moving. As they say, one step at a time.

I'm going to share just a few of the changes I made that have helped me change my life tremendously. I love being focused and calm instead of stressed out. 

#1- GFPH – A morning routine that will change the way you think

Fuel your mind with positivity. Devoting the start of the day to prepare yourself will help stay focused in every part of your life.

Start every day with the green focus power hour GFPH. Yes, it takes one hour. One hour that's worth it! If you really can't squeeze in an hour, you can start with 30 minutes, it really will change your life.

You do each of these things for 10 minutes (5 if you are only committing to 30 minutes total)


Input something inspirational, insightful, educational, or uplifting.


Put it out there on paper. This can be your hopes and dreams goals or it could be your griefs and fears. It can be a letter to a loved one, to God, or someone who passed away. This is your time, what you do is up to you.


I am whole, perfect, powerful, and strong.  I am loving, harmonious and happy. I am healthy, I am peaceful, I am grateful, I am blessed! – Again, what you say is completely up to you…  say it out loud and say it like you mean it! (even if you don’t at first)  


Quietly with your eyes closed and picture you exactly as you choose to be. Who are you with what are you doing, what are you saying what are you wearing where do you work where do you live and who do you live with. See it feel it, become that person for these 10 minutes. If you're doing this right you will feel joy in your heart and have a smile on your face.  This is your time so dream big.

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it “  Muhammad Ali


Meditation is nothing more than being quiet and still. Allow all the thoughts that are running around in your head to pass by. Learn how to let them go without thinking about them. When you catch yourself just come back to the center.                                                                 

I like to close my eyes; it is easier to relax and ground myself. I started out by simply picturing God right in front of me, the light, the magnificence, the love.  I allow myself to breathe slowly in and out while focusing on God with my heart. Then you’ll realize you're not focused on the image of God anymore you're thinking about a whole bunch of other stuff. When you catch yourself, just go back to your center where you started. Don’t be hard on yourself you will catch yourself over and over. It is practice, and it gets easier. It really is that simple. It builds your concentration muscle. This practice will make you feel grounded and focused all day. 


You choose. You can go to the gym, go for a walk, do some yoga, or your housework anything you choose. Just do something. 

#2 Prioritize your health! 

Diet and Exercise 

The body supports the mind. It is important to eat right. You will feel better if you give yourself good nutrition. I'm not talking about a diet to lose weight, that will come naturally if you're eating the diet that's right for you.  I have heard that eating in an 8-hour window does wonders for our bodies.  Eat good healthy food and decide that you're going to nourish your body properly. It's a game changer. For some quick, healthy and easy recipes, tap on the button below:

You don't have to be a person who goes to the gym for an hour a day. Start with a walk. I've read over and over we need to move our bodies for a minimum of 150 minutes a week. How about if we make that be the minimum target 20 minutes a day seven days a week is already 140, and you're already getting 10 minutes a day from your GFPH. Suddenly it seems doable, doesn't it? 

#3 Separate yourself from the voice in your head (Name the Ego) 

We all have that inner critic; that negative inner dialogue that we listen to day in and day out. Constantly telling us what we should and shouldn't do how good we are in the next minute how bad we are. It's not our true self and we can never reconcile the craziness. We just need to separate from it. Know who's talking is it you, your true self, On The Voice from your heart. Or is it that loudmouth that lives in your head. In Stress Mastery we name the ego; because it makes it easier to see. An awareness is everything. I named my ego Lucy. And she's ready to take over the show anytime I'm willing to let her. But she is not me. I get to decide what to think and feel and do. -I choose to live from my heart, my true self. 

Next time things feel like they're spinning out of control, take a deep breath and notice who's talking. And ask yourself ‘is it me or my ego?’  Who has conscious mind control? When things are going fast and furious, it’s your ego. When you're making good decisions, and your thoughts are coming from your heart; Yep that's you.

#4 Be a Goal Getter 

I realized a long time ago I love to set goals because I love to accomplish my goals. I make long term goals and short term goals. I think starting with Short term goals naturally leads us to achieving our long term goals. 

On Sunday mornings I write out my goals for the week. I highlight which things I really need to work on. What do you need to get done this week? I do personal goals, fitness goals business goals. I do have to- want to -and like to.  Write it down.  Break it down into bite sized chunks so that you can get it all done. What day will you do it? What time? What are each of the tasks that you need to do in order to complete the goal. By having my weekly checklist, I can keep going back and reprioritizing things so that I get them all done. When you do- give yourself a Gold Star, a pat on the back do a little dance of celebration!             

You deserve it! 

I believe that doing these things will completely change your life. But don't try and start everything at once. Pick something and go for it! Start small if you need to. I would love it if you would start with green focus power hour. It will automatically lead you to wanting more for your life. Next thing you know you'll be eating better exercising more creating conscious mind control and achieving all your goals. 

Now that's what I call living life on purpose!

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero

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