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#Heart30: SLEEP

Updated: Feb 13

At the 'heart' of my #Heart30 Self-Care Challenge are five main components: SLEEP, WATER, SELF-CARE, DIET and EXERCISE. Each component is not necessarily any more important than the other, however I chose sleep as the first of the daily promises to yourself because it sets a foundation for all the rest.

My family is full of insomniacs. They only sleep four maybe five hours a night... maybe even less! For most of my life, I have been able to get six hours of sleep, but after learning just how vital sleep is to all of us, I made it my goal to get seven.

It has been a process. It has taken me awhile, to be honest (close to two years!).

I'm sure many of you toss and turn, but with these tips I'm hoping that you'll be better rested...

  • For starters... Prioritize SLEEP! - You know what time you have to get up in the morning, so work backwards. Start settling down 8-9 hours prior to your desired wake up time, and ensure that you're getting to bed at least 7.5 hours before that with the intention of sleeping a minimum of seven hours.

  • Relax and Be Calm - This is going to require that you limit or entirely rid of overly stimulating activities before bed. I know I can get riled up easily, so I try my best to tune-in to calming shows before bedtime.

  • Sleep Cool - Our bodies need a cool room to sleep in. 65°F (and for my Canadian and European friends that is 18°C). You can cool your room with air conditioning or by opening a window. Be sure that if you are using AC, to cool down your home prior to getting to bed. Another great way to sleep cool, is by using breathable sheets and blankets. This will help you to stay cozy overnight without keeping all your body heat trapped in.

  • Hot Baths - This idea is music to my ears! I love to take a bath, and I recently read that taking a hot shower or bath before bedtime can naturally kickstart your body's ability to cool itself down.

  • Shh... - Keep things quiet! Thick rugs and curtains can help to drown out some noise. You can also try earplugs or peaceful sounds with a sound machine. I have personally tried a delta wave machine, simply running the fan in my room, and I've even fallen asleep listening to The Golden Girls reruns (with a sleep timer set, of course).

Sleep is so important, and it is more than worth your time to figure out what works best for you. We need sleep for recovery, both mind and body. Sleep also improves our ability to learn, memorize and boost our mood and emotions.

How will you prioritize sleep during the #Heart30 challenge? Make a plan in writing and discuss it ahead of time with your accountability partner (and if you don't have one yet, send me an email and I'll be happy to discuss it with you). This will take a bit of planning and focus, but you will be so glad that you did it.

Live every day on Purpose, Peggy Romero


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