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Hybrid Medical Solutions

Something you may not know about me... is that I fly all the way to Florida to see a doctor. Why? I'll tell you:

For many years I have tried to find a doctor that would listen to me (and really listen to me) and not just prescribe me a pill, or hear how I'm feeling and decide that I just need counseling or therapy. It may seem a little crazy... but therapy isn't going to stop me from being a little emotional and waking up all night with sweats and hot flashes.

My doctor in Boca Raton, Florida, came highly recommended and after five, maybe six appointments thus far, he's proven to be worth the trip across the country. He truly listens and I love his approach to try natural means first, and prescribe as little medication as possible.

He also takes his time and does not rush to get out of the room with you. My first visit was either 45 minutes or an hour. I was so surprised. He asked so many questions and then said “What else?” - I remember saying “What do you mean what else? I thought you’d be in and out in 10 minutes. I really wasn’t prepared for this.” He was thorough and has been during each and every visit with no rush.

The first time I saw him he told me I could get a higher dose of blood pressure medication or choose to go for a walk. I chose the walk. And at this point in my life, I am only taking a natural thyroid medication. Nothing else! This helped me realize I was in the right place!

I believe in medicine. Yes. But I also believe in wellness and the less chemicals in my body the better. This is why this clinic works so well for me. They will always offer natural means first. Diet and exercise can sometimes cure you. I would rather try this first instead of just masking the symptoms. A mask just covers things up. It doesn't fix the problem.

Thanks to my walk in the evening instead of excepting a higher dose, I have since lost 57 pounds. The walk turned into daily cardio and strength training 5 times a week. Working out helps remind me not to “eat the cookie” and have a cup of tea or sugar free Jell-O instead.

I am truly grateful, and feel that my well-being is something that my doctor truly cares about. He remembers who I am, and that matters. I now chose my insurance carrier just to accommodate him. He is an “in-network provider” on my plan, even though I live in Oregon and he is in Florida.

Now, this isn't an advertisement. Truly. It's a post to share the importance of having great care and feeling as though your well-being is taken care of. And if you're interested in doing your own research, know that I do highly recommend Hybrid Medical Solutions and seeing Dr. Brian Moraes. I am also confident that the other practitioners at Hybrid are just as wonderful.

Live on Purpose,

Peggy Romero


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