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Love - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Love Purpose:

AIM: To Expand Unconditional Love

Pendulum Swing can travel up to 150-Anger or down to 75-Grief Energy or both and settling in 30-Guilt

Love Purpose Characteristics

The Love Purpose archetype is important to the tribe as they were healers and soothers of the soul. The Love Purpose were not merely healers of tribe members but healers of all that is living including plants and animals. Healing came in through teaching and helping tribe members to understand their pain. The Love Purpose is one of the higher energy purposes that could heal body and mind as the tribe went through the natural growth process of expansion that would evolve into the world we live in today.

When connected to Heart- Motivated Behavior: to Create Affection

When the Love Purpose archetype is connected to the Green Zone and Heart they are caring, loving, and easily connected to others. They are healers and teachers of all living entities and carry the 500-Love Energy that brings a serenity and tranquility that can help others to get out of the Red Zone and connect into the Green Zone. The Love Purpose archetype truly cares about, people and planet and they bring an equilibrium to the tribe. They can be in any job or profession, but their focus will be healing whether it is a person, plant or animal, the planet or an organization, the Love Purpose brings a special energy.

When disconnected from Heart-Indifference (where they can show a lack of concern or sympathy.)

When the Love Purpose pendulum swings into the Red Zone, it would seem they would swing in with hate, but this is not the case, when they swing it comes from indifference. The definition of indifference is lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. In the Red Zone the Love Purpose archetype basically shuts down. We can see this in teachers and medical professionals who no longer care. When the Love Purpose becomes indifferent, they enter the Red zone either 150-Anger where they are upset at the injustice of it all, or they fall and enter 75-Grief where they become disappointed and dejected. In the Red Zone the Love Purpose is cut off from the astounding energy that they were born into.


The Love Purpose archetype feels the need to protect and heal people. Consequently, they offer nurturing protection to those around them. They want to protect people from harm, discomfort and attempt to prevent any danger or risk from threatening their wellbeing and happiness. The negative side of the Love Purpose archetype is where indifference causes them to become a martyr who reminds everybody of the sacrifice, they have given for everyone else. The Love Purpose archetype can function today as health care providers of any practice and discipline. They can range from being a heart surgeon to a massage therapist to an energy healer. They can also be veterinarians, gardeners, teachers, coaches, therapists or a, nun in the convent. In organizations they may be in human resources, or trainers, an executive or the secretary that brings up the energy.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help you understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.


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