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Love Yourself Through the Void by Filling the Void

I have been thinking a lot about people who are alone or feeling alone during the holidays. Valentines’ Day is right around the corner already. Christmas and New Years are still visible in the rearview mirror.

I was completely out of my comfort zone this year for the holiday. I left my home in Arizona and flew back to Pella to take care of some things and enjoy Christmas with two of my kids. I understand being shaken up. I hadn’t done that before. This has been my first year after breakup. I kept thinking stuff like poor me. I am lonely. How did this happen to me- You know all that stuff. The ego, the inner critic, the voice in your head never stops reminding you of all your shortcomings. Shoulda– Coulda – Woulda- I named my ego Lucy, and she is absolutely relentless. She doesn’t ever quit.

Here’s an idea get out of your head and into your life.

The holiday rush and many obligations of the busy week/day drowns out quieter things. Like peace, quiet and alone-ness and lack of real connections. Lack of meaning. Lack of purpose.

Perhaps the holidays make you sad and feeling alone. Perhaps you believe that reaching for a snack or a glass of wine is better than facing the emptiness, or sadness, or loneliness. It isn’t, it doesn’t work. You can’t eat drink or drug away your emptiness. You have to face the problem; it is a program held in mind and you can release it. Let it go. Drop it like a heavy book you no longer choose to carry in the backpack.

I know, life hurts sometimes. Or perhaps it just feels like nothing.

Here’s an idea: Do something. 😊

If you're lonely, reach out to someone. Better yet, help others. Find a way to share your kindness and care, and to build relationships that really matter.

Discover your purpose. If you're feeling adrift, connect to your purpose. I promise it will lead to something that excites you. It may be a big, exciting project; perhaps getting into a new hobby. If you find yourself gazing into the void regularly, add meaningful activity to your weekends/evenings. The activity doesn't even need to be pleasurable. The important part is that it be connected to your purpose.

It might even be uncomfortable; the discovering may lead you to something like taking a new class. Being uncomfortable is actually a great thing. It helps us grow. Make sure it is something that serves you. You probably don't need to be busier. Not necessary to just add more noise. With purpose and intention add more quality to your life. Discover who you are. Just a few more minutes of something meaningful and soul-filling will go a long way. Living on purpose means making wise, and loving choices. Choices that nurture your true self. I believe that this is a great day to discover your purpose and connect to your heart’s desires. I promise you; t will change your life.

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero


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