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On Vacation

Vacationing while living on purpose. (you don’t have to throw in the towel to go on vacation).

I am on vacation in Los Cabos Mexico. I love it here and I have been here quite a few times. It is close to Oregon, quick and easy access by air. I once owned a time share in Cabo San Lucas. Villa Del Palmar, cozy one-bedroom, roomy condo with a big bathtub to relax in. Lots of space. I enjoy being able to put my things away for the week. I don’t like to live out of a suitcase. Every condo is oceanfront. Not just a little peak, a true ocean view. Here’s a bonus, each unit had a kitchen. I enjoy cooking, it doesn’t feel like a chore even on vacation. That made it much more affordable to vacation while raising a family. My kids loved the resort as well as the fun we had. So, they were happy when they were able to go.

Los Cabos is full of resorts and hotels spanning about 30 miles. This is called Los Cabos Corridor and it runs right along the Sea of Cortez. It hits the Arch Rock and on the other side of the arch is the Pacific Ocean. The airport is in San Jose Del Cabo and at the other end of the corridor is Cabo San Lucas; It is the tip of the Baja peninsula. You may have seen pictures of the Arch Rock. They call it Lands End. This is where the famous Lover’s Beach is.

When my friend asked me to come here, it was an easy yes. I am comfortable here. I know what to expect. I know this resort too. It is in San Jose, which I consider to be the mellow side of town. I figure we’ll hang around the resort and sit by the pool and go for walks. Sounds good to me. I have explored this area many times , so I am happy to just relax in a nice spot.

Once I said yes, I had to think about what I am going to do. I have been living a nice healthy lifestyle. I have lost over 50 pounds and I feel fantastic. It has taken me some time and I don’t want to mess up. I read an inspiring quote in the Stress Mastery Community a few weeks ago. – If you are tired of starting over; Don’t Quit! Or something to that effect. It grabbed my attention. The truth is a start and do great and then I decide to stop for a minute and then it becomes a day, a week, and then a month. Next thing you know you are starting again at Day One. I am happy at the end day one. Yes! I did it! 😊 I know I am back on track, and I know I can do it again tomorrow. Day two will feel great. While I am happy with days one, two and three; I am overjoyed that today I am on day 56! I sure don’t want to mess up my streak for an enchilada or a marguerita. It doesn’t make sense to me after all this hard work and the discipline I learned. I got to buy smaller shorts for this trip! I know I could easily slip and fall back into my old habits and routines very easily, if I don’t pay attention and make a plan for success. So I made a doable plan.

The way I do my diet is that I give myself a cheat day once every week or two. This way, you are never depriving yourself of things that you enjoy. You know that you can have what ever you want, just not every day.

In the past I have been able to stay on track in Yuma. I eat alone there, and the gym is two blocks rom my doorstep. I have created great habits for myself there. I love my routine. It has become easy, but then I leave and there and eat meals with my family. Then I’ll decide to take a little bite here and there. Next thing you know, it’s an extra cheat meal and then this and then that… Now you are off the plan. And then you start to promise yourself- I’ll start tomorrow. OR - Ok for sure, I’ll start Monday. It is so hard to get started again. So, I remind myself -just don’t quit! I know that is easier for me to stick to it then it is to get started. I have a streak and I want to keep it going.

With that in mind, I decided to hold myself accountable and not blow it this time. I knew I’d have a kitchen, so I decided to cook. Protein powder is a staple for me. I do not read Spanish, so to make sure I had it, I brought it with me. I know I can’t control what a restaurant puts in the food so I will limit how many meals I eat out. I am happy to order meat and vegetables while we are out and ask them not to add fat. I will have a cheat meal while I am here. I have a workable plan.

I went to the grocery store my first night here and got meat and salad and gallons of purified water. There is a gym here in the resort and I am happy about that. I am set, I can get in a workout before the day starts. It is open 24 hours. It doesn’t have a rowing machine which is my favorite for cardio , but there is recumbent bike and that works for me. I did some weights for about 20 minutes. I also walked for hours around town today. I’ll have plenty of steps in every day when I am here. I’m on the 4th floor and I have been up and down the steps 10x a day. I decided not to take the elevator this week.

Can I hear that voice in my head saying “Oh come on, have a drink. You’re on vacation.”? Well of course I can. But the truth is, I feel so much better with my new habits that nothing seems worth giving that up. All my meals both home cooked and ordered out will be tracked. I will keep track of it in my Lose It app the best I can. I may not lose any thing this week. I feel confident that I will not gain. I have had several people tell me to lighten up and not be so strict while I am on vacation. I just remind myself that I want to feel good every day. That I love myself and don’t need to eat things that aren’t good for me just because I am out of town. What purpose would that serve?

It is so easy to revert back to the way we always have done things. We have to be willing to change our ways, our habits. Just because most people eat, drink, and spend what they want on vacation doesn’t mean you have to continue that behavior. I choose not to revert to my old ways, no atter where I am. It no longer serves me. That isn’t even who I am anymore.

It is my hope that this will give you some ideas to take with you wherever you are heading. We all have one life to live, and I pray that you will live with confidence and purpose.

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero

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