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peggy with purpose

are you ready to meet the best you?
are you struggling to identify your purpose?
are you willing to do the work it takes to grow?

if you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place!


It is my heart's desire to help guide you on your Path to Purpose.⁠

hello, i am

Peggy Romero Headshot.jpg


I am Peggy Romero, and I have worn many hats in my day. A young mother, an entrepreneur, and now:

Peggy with Purpose: Life coach and author.


I have had my fair share of failures and victories, leaving me well versed in life's many challenges.


Let’s face it: life isn’t always easy. 

But because of these struggles, I've been given a wealth of practical knowledge that I am ready to share with you.⁠


It is time to free yourself of the guilt and pain.

You can write the next chapter in the book of your life. If you are ready, I can help you get there!


By sharing life experiences, tips on how to quiet your inner critic, and techniques to overcome stress, I will help you find your footing on The Path to Purpose.

So join me, Peggy with Purpose, as we create a more vibrant, fulfilling life and learn to live every day on purpose. 🩵

Peggy Romero - Daisies
True Purpose.png

The start of your journey on The Path to Purpose begins now!

By understanding your purpose and values, you will feel the connection to your heart, your imagination, your ability to be the best possible you!

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