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Peggy Romero - Finally Becoming Who You Were Always Meant to Be

your copy of my book:

Becoming Who You Were
Always Meant to Be

Published on September 19, 2022


For the first half of her life, Peggy Romero was trapped in the box she had been placed in as a child, allowing fear and inherited negative thought loops to hold her back from her. Secretly, however, she held those dreams in her heart, and through grit, faith, and determination she learned to nurture them and create the steps needed to make them a reality.

Finally! is her story of overcoming emotional neglect, physical abuse, poverty, and dysfunctional relationships to live a life of abundance, joy, and ultimately, peace. It is also a roadmap of what’s possible for you if you will dare to step into the real you.

We are a society paralyzed by fear – stuck in the past and dreading the future. In fact, many of us don’t reach our destiny, not because we failed, but because we never even tried. Instead, we live our lives on repeat, going the same motions year after year, and getting the same disappointing results.

Are you allowing fear to hold you back?

Do you feel stuck, like life is passing you by?

Are you bold enough to make the small changes that can change every part of your life?

Are you brave enough to stop listening to those who said you don’t deserve it and go for what you really want?

Finally! speaks to the real you, the one who has been waiting for years to be discovered. In sharing her own journey from caretaker to her six siblings to struggling single mother to successful entrepreneur, Peggy will help you navigate your own challenges and come up with a plan to overcome them, one step at a time. In the process, you’ll learn to uncover what you are really afraid of, what triggers those fears, and replace negative thoughts with, “Yes, I can!” to create the life you have always imagined.

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