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Stress Mastery

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Choose PEACE! and Transform your body, mind, and life experience.

Through my own life experience and the Stress Mastery Curriculum written by Bill Cortright, we can make real and lasting change while overcoming life’s challenges.

When you master stress, you create balance, increase focus and productivity, enhance health, and then all things are possible. How do we achieve this?! By following “The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery

Step One: Diet – The Body Supports the Mind

Step Two: Exercise – Movement and Muscle Management

Step Three: Name the Ego – Create Awareness: Separate the ‘I’s

Step Four: Let Go Technique – Releasing Stage Three

Step Five: Green Focus Power Hour – Building Skills of Conflict-Resolution

Step Six: Meditation – The Answer

Step Seven: Finding the NOW – Stress Mastery

With daily practice of Stress Mastery, you will begin to understand that stress is not good or bad, but rather it is just a part of life. Stress is a survival response that cannot be switched off.

Let's learn to manage stress, and then master it together!


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