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Courage - Purpose Archetypes

Updated: Jun 6

The Stress Mastery Courage Purpose

AIM: to Expand Strength

Pendulum Swing can travel up to 125-Desire raising to 75-Pride or down to 30-Guilt

Courage Purpose Characteristics:

The Courage Purpose archetype is essential within the tribe as they were usually the hunters and warriors of the tribe. They were the ones that put their lives on the line to protect the tribe. The Courage Purpose archetype lives for the adrenaline rush of stepping outside the tribe and taking up the hunt. They also were rooted in the purpose of the mission of the tribe’s survival. They lived in the 200-Courage Energy that created focus, strength, and initiative of the mission.

When connected to Heart- Motivated Behavior: To Create Resolution

When the Courage Purpose archetype is connected to the Green Zone and Heart, they live in the focus energy of the mission. They are strong and contented when fulfilling that mission and this will show in their bravery of action. The Courage Purpose archetype when connected will do whatever it takes to fulfill their mission without regards of their own life. Whether this mission is to go to war or climb a mountain, the Courage Purpose is about stepping outside the norms of the tribe to be the example of what can be done.

When disconnected from Heart-May become Fearful

The Courage Purpose archetype is born to live on the edge, whether this edge is launching a risky business venture, or jumping a motorcycle over 15 buses or being part of a Seal Team, they are comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations and environment. When the Courage Purpose archetype swings into the Red Zone it is through the 100-Fear Energy. They become anxious, even terrified of their roles and this creates doubt in who they are. When entering the Red Zone through the 100-Fear Energy they will either swing up into 175-Pride Energy and become smug and closed. Or they will fall to the low energy of 50-Apathy, where they believe they can’t perform and then drop to 30-Guilt Energy, where they feel like a loser and demoralized. Even if they swing into pride, they will always eventually drop into the guilt energy, even if they hide this from public view. When a Courage Purpose is disconnected, they will feel dead inside and, in many cases, the only time the Courage Purpose archetype will only be in the Green Zone and connected when they are in a high adrenaline situation.


The alignment of the Courage Purpose archetype entire life is influence. The Courage Purpose has an uncommon vitality and resistance that they used to fight for power or honor. The best soldiers which comprise special forces will be made up of Courage Purpose archetypes. Understand it is not only the adrenaline of risking life, it can money and gambling on a big score, it can be relationships and cheating for the thrill. They want to win and will do anything to avoid losing. The negative and positive attribute of the Courage Purpose archetype is they never give up, yet this can lead to becoming overly ambitious and stuck in the WANT of control. In today’s world the Courage Purpose can be in any field. They may have an uninspiring normal job, but their hobbies will be built for them to take risk and get the adrenaline they need to compete to feel alive. The Courage Purpose serves us in many ways from protecting us to entertaining us.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help us understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.

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