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Updated: Jun 6

Don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy. No matter what it is. I know it is hard to make a change. The bigger the change the harder it is. We all live in fear. We are all afraid of rocking the boat. Losing our money, wasting our time or just afraid it won’t work out the way we want.

For years I wanted to write a book, be a life coach and speaker. I want to help people. I love to help people; and I am a problem solver. Truthfully, people have always sought my advice. I’ve gotta laugh at myself because since I am being honest, I’ve given lots of unsolicited advice as well. But guess what? I don’t just say go for your dreams, I do it too! I am going for it! I have a book at the editor right now. I have a publisher. I am a life coach. I have a weekly podcast. I am getting this website going. Finally. I had to plan this all out; I made lots of changes in my life to get to this point. I’ve had to buckle down on my spending. I let go of clients so I’d have the time to do this. But I am investing my time in myself, in my dreams. I am worth it. And so are you.

Please, please, don’t let life pass you by. Don’t push your desires out of your mind to save for later. Tomorrow never comes. It really doesn’t. Do what is important to do. I have a wonderful goal setting program that will help you see what is really the most important things in your life. Those are the things you plan for. There is nothing sadder I can imagine than getting to the end and saying ‘what if’? Just seeing all the dreams that never came true and the wishes left unfulfilled. Heartbreak, what a waste of life.

Believe me, I’ve been where you are. I know thinking about big change is scary. I’m with ya. And, I totally get it, but living in stress and unhappiness is worse… Isn’t it?

Please don’t let the fear and doubt stop you from being the person you were meant to be. Reach out and I will share my goal-setting program with you. I can show you how to set proper goals that will lead to a fuller life. The life you were meant to live.

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