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Goal Setting

The end of 2022 is drawing near, and we are getting close to starting a new year.

Time to set new goals.

I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone and making more bold moves. But I am also prioritizing the little things that make life easier for me. I have both long-term goals and short-term goals.

Do you? Have you started the process of goal setting?

Take the time to sit and write your goals down.

It isn’t effective to just have them in the back of your mind.

Having a workable plan will make you much more successful.

And, if you are serious about goal setting, then here is my gift to you: a head start with my Higher Goal Setting course.

You get to write the next chapter of your life.

What do you really want? You get to decide!

Becoming the best you is not always easy. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

If you are going to rewrite the story – step up and step into the life you desire you too, will have to make some bold moves.

It is scary, but it is worth it! I promise you.

What will you do in 2023 and beyond?

How do you see you?

I encourage you to sit down and write this out for each of the following life categories:

What do you want for your...

  • Career

  • Finance

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Personal Development

And remember not to limit yourself. :)

Live on Purpose,

Peggy Romero

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