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Holiday Blues

Change your perspective and it will change everything.

I realize that the holiday season is tough for many people. Perhaps they are alone or sad or just don’t care to celebrate the season. It was nothing I understood, and I’ve never had anyone explain it to me either. I have worked and lived with people who weren’t really into it but still enjoyed the traditions, parties and gift giving in spite of themselves.

By and large for most of the people I’ve known it is full of love, joy, and merriment. That has always been my experience.

This year that just wasn’t the case for me; First time ever. I was fully aware that I didn’t have the delightful peace, that lighthearted whimsy, that usually fills my soul. I am usually filled with love and laughter and that had not been the case this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Debbie Downer, I am not depressed, there is nothing wrong. I was just not feeling the joy, the love that naturally fills my spirit and I missed it. For the first time in my life, I am having to try to feel the joy of the season. I have been working my way out of the fog for the past couple weeks. I always want to know why, so I started thinking about the past year. I will share a few things with you that I have had to overcome. But first I want to tell you how important it is to let things go. You don’t have to carry around the past. Why do we hold on to bad stories and relive them over and over again? We carry our past into the present and our subconscious mind actually thinks it’s happening again. This causes us to repeatedly stress our nervous system. For what? Would you believe you can release the programs that hold the stories and never feel that pain again? Believe it or not, I can help you with that.

I think it started because I don’t have my Christmas decorations anymore. I got rid of most of them voluntarily, but the others got lost in my move. Last year I ended a long-term relationship and of course I still miss the ‘happily ever after’ I thought that would bring. I got pretty rattled this summer when I found out I had a large mass that the doctors believed was cancer.

But you know what? Right now, everything is great.

My daughter and I went out shopping together and got lots of new things and put up a beautiful tree and decorated the mantle a garland and lights and stockings. My home looks beautiful. I love the new decorations.

When I think about the relationship, yes, I miss him. I miss the companionship. I know he was not the one for me. It took too much effort keeping it together. He was never happy, and I had to compromise way too often. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about compromise, but it needs to be two sided. There must be give and take in a relationship. Like I told him, it was never seemed to be my turn. He would still love to reconcile. It is too late. I stayed for years trying to work it out. When I left, I was at peace. I knew there was nothing more I could do. Today, I have no regrets. I know if I ever went back, I’d be going back for more of the same. I don’t want more of that. And the truth is, I deserve much better than what we had.

As for my cancer scare, that is all it was. God got me to the best doctor possible. It was all meant to be, for my good. First of all, the tumor was found accidentally. But it was growing all over my pelvis and it was out of room, it was intertwined in my nerves and muscles and touching important organs. It was only a matter of time, and it would have been impossible to end up with a complete happy ending. Like I said, it was discovered by accident. After that, I was referred from one surgeon to another three more times, before I was referred to Dr Babicky. It was in a dangerous spot. There could have been major complications during and after the procedure; Including death and not being able to walk again. I must tell you even though I can’t prove it, it really was a miracle. When the biopsy came back, the tumor was

benign! No cancer.

I am just sure that I was saved by grace. I asked God to heal me, I pictured my tumor shrinking and being filled with golden, sparking, healing, energy and I was healed. Everything worked out perfectly. Dr Babicky said it couldn’t have gone any better. So yes, it was miraculous.

So tough year for me? Yes, absolutely. But I can look at the bright side in all of it. I am happy, healthy and strong and cancer free. I have a lovely family and friends who cares about me. I refuse to fret over the things I lost in my move. I am free. I am greatly and richly blessed. I just needed to take a breath and take a look at all of this differently. The new perspective makes all the difference in the world. As they say, change your mind and everything changes.

I ask you to get out a paper and pen. Start a list; what do you have to be grateful for? Your life, like mine is just as it should be. Things don’t always go the way we expect them to. It’s ok. Sit down and allow yourself to let go of the things that hurt. Make room in your heart for the things that are good and right. We have so many blessings. I hope you will take the time to count them. Changing how you look at things will totally change your life. Please make a choice to be happy.

If you are having a hard time feeling contentment, go to and request the purpose exercise from there. Connecting to your purpose can change your life. I am happy to help you live on purpose any way I can.

Merry Christmas,

Peggy Romero


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