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Self-Love & Healing

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

It's almost February, Valentine's Day, and the month we think about the heart...

Peggy Romero - Self-Love and Healing

Isn't it time you healed your broken heart?

Wouldn't you love to get rid of all those things that hold you back in life?

... the strife, the struggle, the betrayals, the failures and the pain.

There are so many kinds of pain and just as many ways to heal the pain.

Of course, there are the popular natural healing methods:

acupuncture, aromatherapy, naturopathy, reiki, meditation, massage, therapy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and more.

Then there is traditional therapy:

working with a counselor, AA, NA and the like.

But can I tell you that working the 7 Steps of Stress Mastery actually healed me?

I had lived with a broken heart for decades, but not anymore.

I was a victim, living in the " I can't " for decades, but not anymore.

I learned to release the programs that were holding me back in life.

I have literally learned to let go of the things that hurt me.

I now no longer carry the scars of my past.

It's as if I dropped them at the base of a mountain like a ton of bricks and started my journey free.

We are free to live the life we choose.

It is a gift; but it is up to us, each one of us, individually, to accept the gift.

I am not exaggerating when I say as soon as I started working the steps of stress mastery, I began feeling better emotionally.

I started feeling better, healing physically.

I started looking better, my body felt better.

I had been taking cholesterol medication and blood pressure medication. I was off of both of them within a few months. Naturally, at first it was uncomfortable to put myself first. After all, that is no the 'norm'. Especially for women. We are usually taught that putting yourself first is selfish. But it is not selfish. Self-care is necessary. You are important, and I ask you now to make time for you. Just like they tell you on the airplane, you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help the person beside you.

I hope you are ready to consider starting life anew, it just takes a few small changes.

The website is free for the first 30 days. Take a look around, download the 7 Steps of Stress Mastery, find your purpose and read up on it. In fact, I encourage you to drink in all the information that is available to you. Look under resources and find what interests you. Learn it. study it. It will help you understand yourself and others.

Make a commitment to spend a little time on yourself. Maybe give up some screen time? TV time? I am not sure where your 'me time' will come from, but please commit to finding it.

This will begin your journey to self-love and healing your broken heart. You truly are the author of the next chapter of your life. You have to decide to go for it. Remember you are worth it.

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero


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