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Updated: Jun 6

I just published my book and am looking at my next set of goals… Hmmm

I have always wanted to do the next best thing… what now? I have always wanted better.

Well, Peggy here you are at the bottom, so you can only go up from here.

How do you promote your book? What’s your first move?

This book could open doors, I am a #1 Best Selling Author. I want to do event and retreats that help people.

How am I going to get from here, at the bottom, to being at the top of my game?

I always felt like I was starting at the bottom. I guess I still do-

How do I get better? How do I make more? How do I show myself as capable or worthy?

Growing up in lack and being told to be content and not ask for more was my programming. I was in the valley- We all start in the valley. But each of our valleys are different.

So my parents weren’t good with money and I was raised needing more than I had. We didn’t usually get to have a second helping because we ran out. We did get bread and gravy but there wasn’t more meat.

We certainly didn’t go hungry.

We only had one pair of shoes at a time. Well two, a nice pair of buckle shoes for church, we usually got at a new pair every Easter. We got pair of sneakers when school started. If you got holes in them, it was your own fault- stop scuffing them up / be more careful with your things. and you will wait till school starts again. There just wasn’t money to replace them. 7 kids lots of shoes.

I had a lack mentality with just a little spark of something. Just a tiny spark. I didn’t know what it was, but it was strong. I often shared what I had with the littles. I wanted more, better. I always wanted all of us to have more. Not just me.

I never dreamed of being wealthy, I just dreamed not be poor. I didn’t feel worthy of much more than just enough. Even at that, I was often told I was a dreamer- as if that were a bad thing.

I don’t buy that idea anymore. So now I say; Well no- now I YELL from the mountain tops-

and as often as possible, THANK YOU, GOD, for making me a dreamer!

Thank you, thank you FOR THE DREAMS YOU PUT IN MY HEART!

So I encourage you to dream big, but be ready for the fight. You will encounter resistance. – the push back.

At least I always do, so be ready.

I started out being able to make plans and take a step in courage, at such a young age. What changed? Why am I scared to make a move now? I have come so far. Yet still met with resistance. I am scared. I don’t know how. I am afraid of failure, afraid of rejection.

I have grown in so many ways. I have many wins under my belt. Why is it that every time I make a plan to move up, to move forward, move on or to take on a big project or start something new- I am met with resistance of some kind? Every stinking time!

It’s because I am human. We are all hard wired the same way.

Remember - Resistance is anything that is trying to hold you down or hold you back. It is Fear

It is the ego’s attempt to keep you in the valley. The ego’s job is to keep you stuck where you are at.

It happens so often I should be used to it. It makes me crazy that I am not over it yet. I should expect it, I should be ready. But I’m not.

Anything can trigger the ego and it can be little thing like making a commitment to going walking every night or starting a diet; to looking for a new job. Maybe just getting up when the alarm goes off, without pushing the snooze, so you don’t have to rush every day.

Maybe making a call you need to make or writing a thank you note. The ego wants us to put it off. I’ll start tomorrow, I don’t feel that great today. They probably aren’t home… whatever the excuse is, it’s nonsense… Because it’s just an excuse.

Procrastination – Hesitation – Resistance

Just saying that you are going to do something and putting it off is resistance.

Now your ego has something on you. It will beat you down.

Let’s say it’s a phone call you need to make. We’ll say it’s Tuesday night. “Shoot, I was supposed to call today and now it’s already 7pm.”

Ego -It’s a little late to call now, better do it tomorrow morning.

Wednesday morning – Oh I have so much to do today. I’ll have to do it in a while.

Ego- yes you should have called last night, but you can do it later

Next thing you know it’s Wednesday and still, no call.

Ego- Oh, you are such a flake, why do you procrastinate? Now you look stupid, just bite the bullet and make the call. Get it over with-

Nah, it’s too late now, I will do it in the morning.

Sound familiar?

It’s crazy how we do things like that to ourselves. Resistance.

But remember we are human. And the egos job is to keep us locked up. It activates our programs to set off our alarm system and create the stress loop. It doesn’t want us to change.

My solution to the craziness of being stuck:

  1. Keep my eye on the prize- I have my goal in the front of my Monday

  2. Make a list of the things I need to do to achieve the outcome I am looking for

  3. Make smaller lists

    1. What do I need to do this month?

    2. What do I need to do this week to set myself up for success?

    3. What can I do today?

    4. DO IT! 😊

I know it seems simple; it isn’t.

You will have a million excuses not to do the little things. I encourage you to take little steps, they will lead to great success!

Reach out if you need help!

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