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Joy - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Joy Purpose

AIM: to Expand Happiness

Pendulum Swing is low into 75-Grief Energy with a quick fall into 50-Apathy finally settling in 30-Guilt or lower Shame.

Joy Purpose Characteristics

The Joy Purpose archetype is essential to the tribe’s function and operation. The Joy Purpose is one of the higher energy purposes, 540-Joy. The Joy Purpose operated within the tribe with an energy of being centered and connected to the whole of the tribe. They functioned in all capacities which could range from being a gatherer and picking berries or hunter bringing in joy when things would get bleak. The Joy Purpose were the uncomplaining workers of the tribe. Joy Purpose connects well with the Growth Purpose as they rarely take the bluntness of the Growth archetype personally.

When connected to Heart- Motivated Behavior: To Create Radiance

When the Joy Purpose archetype is connected to the Green Zone and Heart, they bring in a feeling of oneness with whatever they are doing and who they are with. The Joy Purpose is a high energy, 540-Joy, that when connected helps them to be centered and helps others to center on the task at hand. When connected the Joy Purpose archetype will do whatever they are doing without complaint. They bring a sense of well-being to whatever environment they are in. The Joy Purpose is very good at helping others find connection to their purpose as they don’t feed the Red Zone energy.

When disconnected from Heart- Become Detached

When the Joy Purpose archetype becomes disconnected from Heart and swings into the Red Zone, they will have a strong fall from their natural high energy to the 75-Grief Energy. Much like the Inspire Purpose, the Joy Purpose archetype enters the Red Zone at low energies that will drop. If they remain in the Red Zone, they will fall to 50-Apathy, they feel lost, to 30-Guilt, they feel hopeless, to Shame where they feel empty, which can lead to addiction of all kinds in attempt to escape. Even if the Joy Purpose archetype becomes angry, they will fall quickly into grief for the simple reason they are naturally such a high energy purpose.


The Joy Purpose archetype likes to laugh and bring joy to whatever environment they are inhabiting. They will motivate you to see the bright side of things by changing your perspective of what your perception may be. They don’t care for facades and tend to break down other people’s walls. They never take themselves too seriously because their goal is to bring Joy. The negative side of the Joy Purpose archetype is when they feel detached, they can be rude, lazy, and materialistic. In today’s world the Joy Purpose functions in all capacities. It is not what they do but how they do things. They need an environment where they are appreciated, and they must enjoy those they work with as much as they enjoy the tasks at hand. Joy Purpose become enthusiastic motivators as it is natural for them, they are excellent workers, friends, partners, when connected. When disconnected they can drain all their environments of joy as they become depressed.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help us understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.

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