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Follow your heart and pursue your dreams.

Back when you were a kid, what was your biggest dream? Was it to be a teacher? How about a movie star? You may have been told that you shouldn’t chase your dreams. Why not? Dreaming is wonderful. It keeps you thinking, it gives you a reason to live. You must be willing to day dream and imagine the life you want. Make a plan, don’t jump without a strategy. Well if you want to then go for it. Solidify your dreams through journaling. Be daring again. What do you really want? What is your greatest desire? Allow your imagination to wander free. Your dreams may be closer to reality than you think.

You don’t have to stay in a career you don’t like.

It is very possible for you to have several careers in your life. I surely have. I am 60 years old and starting over again- right now! You can be thankful for your job and the income it’s providing, no matter what it is. Be grateful. Just don’t gripe about it, it does no good to have negative energy. If you are not happy find a job to sustain your life until you can have the career of your dreams. Sitting still and doing nothing is never the answer.

Why not explore the ideas that are stirring in your heart? Start exploring now and try to figure out what you want to do and how to get started. Start looking around, step out of the comfort zone, see what’s out there. What would you do if you could do anything? Figure out what is stopping you. Is something holding you back? Keep your day job while exploring the possibilities. When your side-hustle begins pays enough then go for it. The sky is the limit! We live in a world of limitless possibility. You can create your own job due to technology. Do something you love and enjoy every day.

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