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Christmas is coming...

Here come the holidays!

It comes as no surprise that we will have extra expenses at this time of year. It happens at the same time every year. We have all 365 days to get ready, and yet we don't... BUT it isn't too late to be better prepared.

Plan now if you haven't started already. There are always at least a few extra expenses during the holidays. Write out all you expenses and a list of what you will need to purchase. What will you be doing? consider gifts, parties, meals, baking, all of it! Don't forget , stocking stuffers add up too.

Especially when I was younger, and I had kids to buy presents for. I had to plan because I didn't have much extra money.

There were some things we all knew that they were going to get. Things they always needed, like socks and pajamas, Barbies and trucks, hats , scarves and mittens. As they got older, the gifts became more expensive things, but you get the idea. I wanted them to have lots of goodies under the tree... and they did.

I still remember starting to reconfigure my budget as early as August. I knew that I wasn't going to have a bunch of extra money in December, just because it was Christmas time. In fact, I lived in the Pacific Northwest, and I had less money because my utility bills were higher. I learned to plan ahead for the holidays, and it worked well for me.

I had a great time with my friend Cindi, every year on Thanksgiving night. We would go buy the newspaper on our way home from our respective families and we would sit on the phone together, scouring the newspaper ads for what we needed to buy for our kids. Back then Black Friday was the start of the Christmas season, and we looked forward to the day with great anticipation.

We got up and went early. The stores opened at 6 am. Then after shopping, we would go to my parent’s house and eat left over turkey dinner.

I digress… I would not have been able to enjoy our annual shopping trip had not budgeted for it. When the sale came up, I had the money in hand. I have never believed in charging on credit cards. I planned, sometimes for several months, and had the money in hand when I knew the best sales would be. This is a fun memory, but also perhaps an idea that will work for you too. Plan ahead, so you can get the most for your money. Being in debt seems a lot like living on a hamster’s wheel to me. Once you get on it, it’s hard to get off.

I have a budget planner called Pennies with Purpose that I am happy to share with you. Tap on the button below for more...


Peggy Romero


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