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Peace on Purpose

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This week on the Stress Mastery podcast, Living Right with Bill Cortright, our topic

is Connection. I had one final thought about last week’s topic, which was Peace. It

really merges with this week’s topic.

This morning during my meditation I realized that life is a little bit like the game

Blind Man’s Bluff.

It’s like you're walking through life blindfolded until you sit down for a moment

take a breath and connect to God, The Source of everything, The Holy Spirit.

The moment that I closed my eyes and allowed my worldly thoughts vanish- I was

immediately connected to peace… Overwhelming peace. Beautiful peace.

I wonder why I live so many minutes of my day disconnected from this beautiful


Staying connected to the present moment is just like removing the blindfold and

opening the eyes of your heart.

The blindfold, AKA the ego makes life so much harder than it has to be!

Peace is available every moment of every day.

Rest. Relax. Release. Respond.

I love the idea of setting a timer for every hour just to reestablish the connection

to God - to take off the blindfold. Check in with your soul.

I'm not sure why I allow my moments to be difficult, knowing full well, that peace

is available in every moment, I prove this to myself all day long.

God is always there ready to connect.

Because He is always there… Peace is always there.

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