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Self-Love and the Voice in your Head

We're at the halfway point of my #Heart30 self-love challenge!

There are so many thoughts going on in our minds at all times. All day long, everyday.

In fact I've heard that psychologists say we have 50,000 thoughts a day. I believe it! I added meditation to my prayers every morning a few years ago. Believe me if you try to meditate you will realize that thoughts are reeling through your mind every second. 

So there's that creative, loving and warm voice. The one that lifts you up and gives you your great ideas. The voice that says you can do it when you start imagining great things. That's the voice of love, the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

And then there's that annoying, cynical jerk, who tells you, you can't. The voice that will always remind you of every mistake you've ever made and why it's not going to work out. That is the voice of fear. The voice of the ego, the inner critic. 

Self-love is making a decision to connect to the voice of love. To decide not to connect to the voice of fear. You get to choose all day long because the thoughts will be reeling all day long. With awareness of that voice and with practice, you will realize how much brighter your day is when you stay connected to love. It's a practice, but it's worth your time and effort. 

You can begin any time, it takes no time, so skill, just awareness. Start noticing, what are you thinking about? What are you telling yourself? Become aware of your thoughts, start seeing that negative voice. Decide to let go of the negative and replace it with a positive. 

In time you will notice that of those 50,000 thoughts you have a day- you’ll repeat the same Thoughts over and over. Like a never-ending rotation. In fact, in the past, I have felt like I've been on a hamster’s wheel. Living a life that never moved forward. I was stuck in fear and stress. Not liking the life I was living but afraid to make a move to get out. Often feeling powerless and paralyzed.   That's when you know the ego has got ahold of you. Living in fear and wishing you could change. 

I remember years ago I heard Joyce Meyer say “just because something pops in your head doesn't mean you have to think about it.” I started noticing. That was the beginning of my awareness. That was the day I realized how true that statement is. We can choose what we think. 

In Stress Mastery we are taught to ask ourselves “who has conscious mind control? Is it me or my ego?”

It's like we're in conversation all day long with ourselves. When you're having a conversation with your true self, it will be loving and kind. When you're in conversation with your ego it will be fearful and negative.

I hope that this will give you some food for thought and that you will decide to create awareness in your own life. Each step you take to understand yourself is beneficial. You are worth every moment that you spend on yourself. Show yourself some love. 

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero


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