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Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In the midst of all the noise, there was a voice urging me to take charge of my health and happiness. It was time for change, and I felt the determination building within me. There were so many reasons to make this change – to be there for my future grandchildren and to reclaim the activities I loved so much, like wandering around amusement parks without any pain! I knew it was time to prioritize my well-being, inside and out.

My weight-loss journey has been quite a ride, filled with ups and downs, but one thing was clear – when my knees started hurting, I knew it was time to give serious thought to my weight.

Armed with the support of my incredible life coach, Bill Cortright, and faced with various health challenges, including high blood pressure and prediabetes, I made a conscious decision to not just commit, but to find a safe and lasting way to shed those pounds.

And guess what?! I have already lost over 60 pounds and counting!

Now, before we continue, let me say this – consulting a physician before starting any weight-loss program is crucial. Safety comes first, and I truly hope that some of the gems that worked for me will also benefit you with your doctor's guidance.

So let me share the exciting strategies that have brought about this wonderful transformation:

Water became my best friend on this journey! Committing to drinking more water than ever before has been incredibly fulfilling and backed by solid weight-loss science! I drink a gallon almost every day!

I embraced my own version of intermittent fasting – not skipping meals but making sure I ate an early dinner and avoided late-night snacking. This helps me sleep better.

And oh, the underestimated importance of sleep! I am an early riser and never made the effort to go to bed early. I would stay up for the social interaction at the cost of a food night’s sleep. I realized I needed to prioritize my rest, and after some effort, I now enjoy a refreshing seven hours of sleep consistently. It's been a journey, but well worth it!

Learning to listen to my body has been a game-changer! Instead of reacting to every hunger pang, I took a moment to discern whether I was genuinely hungry or simply dealing with fleeting emotions or boredom.

Removing foods that didn't bring me joy became a delicious way to approach my eating habits, and I bid farewell to alcohol and junk foods– no room for wasted calories! My go-to snacks became baby carrots, celery, and the delightful sugar-free jello!

It's all about balance, right? I virtually eliminated fast food, processed meals, and large portions, and I learned that counting calories isn't the whole story – understanding the quality of what I ate was equally important. So I delved into tracking my macros with the help of the Lose It app!

Investing in healthier choices was an investment in myself, and boy, did it pay off! And speaking of investments, moving our bodies was never meant to be optional – I embraced a goal of 10,000 daily steps and discovered my love for gym classes and weight training. I have learned to love the rowing machine! Building that muscle power for better health!

I like to weigh myself daily. But I know, stepping on the scale daily may not be everyone's thing, and that's totally okay! We all have different approaches to staying accountable and feeling great on this journey. So, if daily weigh-ins don't float your boat, no worries! You can try other methods, like simply noticing how your clothes fit – that's an awesome way to gauge progress! Or maybe you prefer a weekly weigh-in or stepping on the scale only during doctor’s visits. Find what suits you best and do it.

This journey is a lifelong adventure, and I'm in it for the long haul! There will be bumps along the way, but I won't give up – I'm great at getting up when I fall. I didn’t gain weight overnight and this transformation is a testament to the power of persistence and self-care.

So, with the guidance of my coach and my inner drive, I'm walking this path of health and happiness, and you can too! Embrace your readiness, find your WHY, set realistic goals, and enjoy a life enriched with healthier choices and joyful activities! I feel so much better, and it is my heart's desire to help you feel better too. Reach out to me and I will help you any way I can!

Allow me to be your Stress Mastery coach.

Many of us live our lives falling short of our dreams. We have fear of failure. A negative voice or negative experiences telling us we can’t; or why bother trying again. I will tell you, you can learn to let go of those negative programs that hold you back. I’ve learned so much and I can share it with you. It takes more than a diet to transform your life. You can become who you truly are inside. I noticed a lot of things changed as I stepped up and into my new self. I was changing even more on the inside than I was on the outside. As the weight came off my whole life changed. I started realizing how often I spoke negatively to myself and about myself- no more. Those days are gone. I start everyday with positive affirmation now.

I have so many more things I can share with you. I may be a great coach for you. Learn how the function and operation of everyone of us dictate the way we behave. 95% of our behavior is because of what we hold in mind- Change you mind and change your life!

Together, let's build a foundation of lasting habits and transform our lives one step at a time!

You can find recipes, tips for great sleep, the wellness survey and much more all on my website,

Live Every Day on Purpose,

Peggy Romero

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