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Integrity - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Integrity Purpose

AIM to Expand Action

Pendulum Swing can travel up to 150-Anger, 175-Pride or down to 30-Guilt Energy

Integrity Purpose Characteristics:

The Integrity Purpose archetype played an important role in protecting the tribe and its culture. The rules were set within the tribe and it is the role of the Integrity Purpose to enforce these rules. The Integrity Purpose lives by a code and that code is what they lived for. The Integrity Purpose worked out of the 200-Courage Energy where they were alert, focused, and set initiative on following the guidelines set forth within the tribe.

When connected to Heart- Motivated Behavior: To Create Honor

When the Integrity Purpose archetype is in the Green Zone and connected to Heart, they worked in the 200-Courage Energy. When connected they, are focused on the order of things and they are strong and confident in whatever they are doing. When connected the Integrity Purpose is honorable and will rarely bend the rules although they are very aware if the rules do not serve the whole. This is when the Integrity Purpose may take a stand and become a spoken leader of injustice. The Integrity archetype is trustworthy and when connected they will always do what they say they are going to do.

When disconnected from Heart-Divided

When the Integrity Purpose archetype questions their mission or work, they will become divided. Fiercely purposeful and honorable they perceive truth in their environment and when this truth divides them, they will swing into the Red Zone. When they fall into the Red Zone, they can enter high through 150-Anger where they are resistant and defiant to what is taking place in the environment. This will usually draw them into a strong aggressive energy that will take them into the 175-Pride Energy. Here they can become righteous and closed, but eventually because of their purpose will fall to 30-Guilt Energy. In some cases, the Integrity Purpose archetype may fall into the Red Zone straight to the 30-Guilt Energy. If this is not remedied, they will fall into Shame and depression which they may deal with through self-medicating resulting in addiction of some type.


The Integrity Purpose archetype believe they have a special view of the way the tribe functions. They understand why some information should be preserved and the fact that not everyone should have access to it. The Integrity Purpose defends the ethics, rules, culture and will step forward on behalf and protect their people. The negative aspect of the Integrity Purpose archetype is their unwillingness to compromise. They perceive the value of preserving the past and protecting the social structure and can be blind to change. The Integrity Purpose can be challenged in relationships as they can be closed and not open to growth and change which is inevitable in all aspects of life. The Integrity Purpose grows by learning that through compromise and change they expand the environment and their world. In today’s world the Integrity Purpose will work in some type of profession that is designed to uphold rules and for the betterment and safety of the tribe. First responders like police officers, firefighters can fall into this category. But the Integrity Purpose archetype could be a company or office manager, soldier, referee, anywhere that rules and honor is a code.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help us understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.

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