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Vitality - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Vitality Purpose

AIM to Expand Energy

Pendulum Swing 125-Desire Energy they then swing up to 175-Pride Energy or down to 30-Guilt Energy

Vitality Purpose Characteristics

When you meet individuals that are naturally motivating and have tremendous abundance of energy, they are most likely a Vitality Purpose. The Vitality Purpose is all about raising the energy of the tribe. Preaching and teaching hope and ways of seizing the best in life is the Vitality Purpose modus operand. Vitality Purpose believes everyone can win and grow and is a master at getting others to believe in themselves. When rough times hit the tribe the Vitality Purpose is in the mix so no one will give up and quit.

When connected to the heart- Motivated behavior: To Increase Vibration (raise up the energy)

When connected to the Heart the Vitality Purpose is like the energizer bunny. They are usually early risers working on themselves before the others in the tribe wake-up. Where the Growth Purpose is about outer growth of the tribe as a whole the Vitality Purpose is about inner growth. The Vitality Purpose is about raising the energy of the environment and the individual tribe members setting them on a course for personal development.

Disconnected from Heart- Stagnation

The Vitality Purpose is all about high energy all the time and if they are hit with any type of plateau, they will jump into the Red Zone thru the 125-Desire Energy. Stagnation causes the Vitality Purpose archetype to attempt to force the issue to keep things moving even when things or people should not be pushed. This will push the Vitality Purpose archetype to attempt to control situations in the 125-Desire Energy which will lead to frustration, 150-Anger Energy, where they may become aggressive and locking themselves in 175-Pride Energy. If they stay in the Red Zone especially in 175-Pride Energy they will eventually fall to 30-Guilt Energy, this is a self-created hell for the Vitality Purpose, as it is such a low energy.


The Vitality Purpose is like a great innovator of people. The Vitality Purpose will be the center of the raising the tribe’s consciousness and energy, but they will be alone in their solitude when they are not working. They regenerate and renew not merely for themselves, but for others as well. They’re constantly growing and transforming. The negative side of the Vitality Purpose archetype is their mood can be contagious. They have the ability to turn negative events into positive ones, but the opposite is also true they can turn positive events into negative ones. Relationships can be a challenge and many times the Vitality Purpose may only have one or maybe two close people in their lives. The Vitality Purpose can be found in all fields, but their qualities and energy will stand out in the workplace as motivators, teachers, coaches, trainers, and leaders. Many become-well known teachers such as Anthony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Eric Thomas.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help us understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.

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