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Freedom - Purpose Archetypes

The Stress Mastery Freedom Purpose

AIM: To Expand Possibilities

Pendulum Swing 125-Desire Energy in most cases gets stuck here for a considerable amount of time then experience a hard strong drop to 30-Guilt.

Freedom Purpose Characteristics

The Freedom Purpose archetype is important to the tribe as they were the ones who managed and basically directed the tribe. The Freedom Purpose is about creating freedom for the tribe and the individuals they may serve. Many successful people have a Freedom Purpose archetype behind the scenes making everything, work so they and the organization look good.

When connected to Heart- Motivated Behavior: To Create Control

When the Freedom Purpose is connected to the Green Zone and Heart they work and play in a high energy and perform whatever task that is before them meticulously. They brought systems to the tribe to organize the unit and prevent chaos. The Freedom Purpose archetype manages groups, ideas, projects, family, etc. with the sole mission to prevent chaos. The Freedom Purpose archetype is here to bring freedom to the operation of the tribe but also freedom to themselves. They are all about quality before quantity to put the best work and actions forward.

When disconnected from Heart-Stuck in Control

When the Freedom Purpose falls into the Red Zone and disconnects from the Heart, they enter the Red Zone energies in the 125-Desire usually in frustration. The pendulum swing is connected to a very strong WANT to Control. They will stay in the Desire energy frustrated, driven, obsessed in attempting to control the situation or person. This act causes disarray and creates the opposite result the Freedom Purpose is here to prevent, chaos and disorder. The Freedom Purpose archetype will spend significant time when disconnected in the 125-Desire, but will eventually climb to 150-Anger, 175-Pride, and after creating chaos will fall to 50-Apathy, 30-Guilt.


The Freedom Purpose archetype is in every organization, they will be in a position of authority and direct teams. They are the classic leader and believe they should be the one to bring order to any situation. The Freedom Purpose is stable, strives for excellence, and wants everyone to follow their lead. The Freedom Purpose likes being around people, loves meetings, thrives in groups, relationships are important. As long as they are connected to Heart they are loving, when disconnected they can be controlling and overbearing creating chaos with everyone and everything. They tend to have plenty of reasons why everyone should listen to them and in their desire (Control) to impose their will on others, can easily become an intimidator to impose their will. When we speak about organizations you must realize the family is an organization and the Freedom Purpose archetype will naturally organize the family. The Freedom Purpose archetype can become excellent salespeople, entrepreneurs, managers, as workers they will be very organized in their tasks.


Understanding your purpose helps you understand why you behave, react, and feel the way you do.

Understanding another’s purpose will help us understand how to communicate and interact with other people in our lives with compassion and empathy.


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