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It's a New Year...

Allow me to re-introduce myself. Hi! I'm Peggy Romero, aka #PeggywithPurpose, and my "purpose" (wink, wink) is to help YOU discover your true self and live your life every day on purpose.

I started this digital feed almost two years ago and have found joy in sharing content that is both raw and authentic. I'm human, just as you are... I may even venture to say that I'm 'average' in a real relatable way that is... I'm no picture-perfect influencer, but I am aspiring and working towards a better me, a better life. It's not a destination, it takes effort every day. And I hope you'll join me in the feat for a purposeful life.

As I said, I'm human, and I have fallen lately. I’ve not been able to share advice on living with purpose, since I too, fall short. Ito those who message me and follow me, I hope you will forgive me and pick up where we left off. I don’t want to give up on myself and I hope you will never give up on yourself either!  I've taken this time since my last few posts, to recenter, reassess... and now, I'm ready to return to what I believe is my true purpose - with more content, more stories, and even my own podcast. 

I am going through big changes in my life... and I hope that by sharing my struggles with you, I will help you see that there is always a way to experience peace in the storms of life.

Live every day on purpose,

Peggy Romero


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